Fiberglass (composite) reinforcement Прайс
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85/7 Perova Street, Enem village,
Takhtamukai district,
Republic of Adygeya

Representation in the Moscow city Tel: +7 (925) 917 45 48

PolyPlast - one of the biggest producers of fiber-glass rainforcement in southern Russia

We produce more than 50 000 meters of reinforcement every day. Our products comply with GOST, which is confirmed by the availability of quality documents.

By its properties (on the rupture) surpass its counterparts from the steel from two to four diameters

Using of non-metallic reinforcement increases the structures durability in 2-3 times against using of metal reinforcement.

The plant is equipped with high-tech and high-quality equipment

A broad assortment of actual inventory 365 days a year, thanks to the modernization of equipment, the plant can produce the reinforcement, taking into account any wishes of the customer.


Use of fiberglass fittings in construction

Why using of fiber-glass rainforcement is advantageous on 50% than metal

In 9 times is easier than metal

You can cut corners on delivery and loaders, plus it reduces the dead-weight

Heat conductivity is lower in 100 times

This means that it will keep cool in the summer and warm in winter, so you can cut corners on heating and electricity

Don’t install electricity

Is appropriate for objects with increased electrical safety specifications

Does not rust

It will not lose its characteristics even under severe environmental conditions

In 3 times is strudier

You can use a reinforcement of smaller diameter, without losing in resistibility

In 2 times is cheaper

The availability of delivery and low cost makes use of fiber-glass reinforcement on 50% more advantageous, than metal

Will be located even to Oka

It is delivered in coils on 100 running meters, which weighs only 10 kg.

Any length

You can cut off any length of wattle, so you will not have any chips left.

About company


LLC «PoliPlast» - one of the largest production plants of fiber-glass reinforcement in the south of Russia. We target at the market of composite materials since 2014. The manufacturing facilities allows to produce more than 1500000 km per year. The industrial plant is equipped with high-tech and high-quality equipment. The output products are certified and comply to GOST.



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PolyPlast» - the leader of Russian market of fiberglass products

The company «PolyPlast» is the largest manufacturer of fiberglass products in the South of Russia.

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Additional reinforcement of the gas-concrete with fiber-glass reinforcement

We strengthen the gas-concrete walls using the composite reinforcement.

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The application fit of fiber-glass reinforcement

Fiber-glass reinforcement is product of building purpose, representing rods of glass or basalt fibers with spiraling or cross prominency.

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